AGE 14-19

As pupils move from Year 9 to 10 and Year 11 to 12, a degree of subject choice at KS4 and Post 16 is open to them. At our school we take great care in selecting the most appropriate combination of subjects for the curriculum.

Individual Learning Provision will be Provided through:

  • An individual learning pathway which will include compulsory subjects literacy, numeracy and PHSE.

  • Wide choice and flexibility which will be provided through the range of general and practical/vocational subjects that are on offer in school and in partnership with Cardiff and Vale College and St Cyres School.

  • We offer young people access to the courses that focus on independence skills and work skills through the Edexcel, BTEC, Agored Cymru, Essential Skills Wales, OCR and the Welsh Baccalaureate.

The Welsh Government in “The Learning Country” established the framework for 14-19 provision in 2001. This entitles each pupil to a learning pathway which has 6 key

  • Individual Learning pathway to meet the needs of the pupil

  • A wider choice of programmes and ways of learning

  • A learning core which includes skills, knowledge, understanding, attitudes and values, and common experiences

  • Learning coach support

  • Access to personal support

  • Impartial careers advice and guidance

At our school every young person has access to a differentiated Learning Pathway but it is recognised that the statutory curriculum is only a part of what learners with special needs require.

The delivered curriculum is designed to incorporate important skills: communication, social, behavioural personal and self-help. The curriculum is planned to allow for experiential learning. Within lessons there is a strong emphasis on the acquisition of key skills and the other tools with which the learners can access the remainder of the curriculum.

There is opportunity for each learner to concentrate on achieving their educational targets using individualised learning programmes. In all settings there is both group and individual work where the learner is supported by trained and experienced staff on a one-to-one basis.


Our aim is to deliver a curriculum that is:

  • broad and balanced

  • differentiated to meet the needs of the individual

  • delivered using a wide variety of teaching approaches


When a young person moves into Key Stage 4 there is an increased emphasis on gaining certification in nationally recognised schemes. Furthermore, each young person is given the opportunity to choose from optional accreditations; these can be academic or vocational, and again the young person works towards achieving certification in these areas.


Our Post-16 department offers young people access to the courses which focus on independence and works skills. This accredits a syllabus within academic, vocational and recreational subjects over a three-year programme. Numeracy and Literacy is also a key feature of the curriculum. The young people access a wide variety of settings in the community to promote independence and prepare them for their transition to adult placement. Options to suit everyone

  • learning options are more flexible and have been developed to suit individual interests, abilities and learning

  • pupils can choose from a broad range of qualifications and pathways some of which are new.

All options lead to a choice of pathways so young people can progress to further learning and/or work.