Inset Day

Monday, 14 March 2022


Please find below a timetable for the day.   The timetable has been divided into Teachers, HLTAs/Level 4s and LSAs for ease of reference.


All staff are to complete Online Safety Training  - Click here to download guidance

                                                                                    Click here to start training

Teaching Staff/HLTA/Level 4s


8.50 am

Teachers/HLTAs/Level 4s

Lucy Morgan: Jigsaw Training – all Teachers/HLTAs and Level 4s

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9.00 – 10.00 am

To include Intervention Staff and anyone who uses Evolve

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10.00 – 10.15 am Break


10.15 – 1215

Appraisal:  Appraisal information – see below

Teachers to arrange appraisal sessions with their LSA’s. 30 mins sessions.

LSA to ensure they have completed the TA Continua self assessment (time given last INSET).

Use Appraisal Documentation – All documents on server: Shared Drive: 05 Staff Leaning Zone: TA CONTINUA

  • TA continua training

  • TA Course Booklet & Recording Proforma

  • TA Continua PDF  

  • Appraisal INSET PPT (to recap)

  • Appraisal documents December 2021 which include:

- Checklist for before and after the meeting

- Pre- Review Sheet questions for discussion.


  • In 30 minute session

- Discuss pre-review sheet

- Complete performance Review and Planning Statement which includes 3 objectives, one from TA Continua P1.1, one linked to School Improvement Plan and one personal.


LSA to sign completed documentation and email your Appraisal Document to Rebecca Williams Admin team rwilliams@yyd.org.uk

These will be confidentially saved in a secure location. Please save it and send it as an attachment. Save it as Appraisal22(and your initials)  ie Appraisal22CG

Please retain a copy for your own records.


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1.30 – 3.00 pm

Primary and KS3 Teams (including teachers, HLTAs and LSAs): Thematic Planning


KS4 and KS5 Teachers only: Refining Planning documents

All other staff to continue with training.



3.00 pm Finish