Yoga is one of many interventions that has been implemented in Ysgol Y Deri.

This gentle therapeutic practise has been very beneficial for our students in many different areas of their life.

Children/young people who are experiencing developmental and emotional challenges often present a variety of symptoms. These often include a high state of stress and reactivity. They can present a state of low/ high energy or disorganised state. Regular yoga practise gently rests the nervous system creating a feeling of calm state and ability to cope better with others and the environment around them. 

Benefits and aims of this therapeutic yoga include:

  • Improving motor planning and control

  • Improving self-awareness

  • Developing the ability to self-regulate across environments and demands

  • Developing head, neck and upper trunk control

  • Enhancing a sense of wellbeing, calm and alert state

We are able to offer one to one and group yoga sessions depending on the child/young adult needs and abilities.