The Behaviour Support Team (BST) works across the school, supporting new pupils with integration, providing classroom strategy support, development of Behaviour Support Plans (BSP’s) and their implementation. The team has developed working relationships with our internal health and external health professionals sharing working practices, protocols and discussing pupil's individual support needs. Pathways for joint working have proven successful in achieving positive outcomes and experiences for those pupils that find accessing medical support and procedures a challenge.

Ysgol Y Deri’s Behaviour Support Team follow a multi disciplinary team pathway to assist pupils in readiness for learning. The Multi Disciplinary Behaviour Team is made up of staff from both education and health. This includes the Behaviour Support Manager, Behaviour Support Team, class based pupil support team, teaching staff, learning support assistants, Occupational Health Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, school nurse, and doctor where relevant. It is lead by the Director of Support Services in conjunction with the Senior Management team. The internal multi disciplinary team works very closely with parents and social services. It also links closely with the Interventions Manager, Learning Coaches, counselor and other external professionals.

As part of our pro-active approach The Behaviour Support Team use an advanced secure web-based recording system called Behaviour Watch. When changes in behaviours are logged, automatic notifications are sent to the relevant staff and intelligent analysis software enables efficient identification of changes in patterns of behaviours.

This recording system is tailored to the school’s individual needs. It contributes to the identification of triggers and contributing factors to behaviours by analysing pupil’s routines, environment and daily support needs. This helps the school to identify early intervention strategies. The system is also used to record and monitor positive behaviour and helps identify motivators for pupils. Behaviour Watch data can provide information which contributes to the MDT process.

The Behaviour Support Team works closely with the school’s Intervention Manager to identify interests and motivators for pupils. This information is utilised to inform our many interventions on offer, such as Launch Pad, Surf Experience, Physical Curriculum and other such positive interventions. Understanding our pupils enhances their opportunities to learn and experience all the unique things Ysgol Y Deri has to offer.

The key word in "Behaviour Support Team" is support. The BST supports pupils in a range of daily activities and experiences, helping them understand social situations and emotions. The BST support staff with strategy options and identifying avenues of support.