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YYD Hafan

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General Overview of Hafan  

Hafan is our primary SEMH provision. It is currently sited at Gladstone Primary School, Barry.​

Hafan caters for pupils with a history of developmental trauma and social, emotional and mental health issues that impacts on their ability to regulate and learn.​​ The staff at Hafan are highly trained in a trauma-informed approach to support the pupils to understand their emotions and help them develop strategies to independently regulate their behaviour, anger and social interactions.​

Hafan Leaders


Siân Davey

Head of Primary

Penarth, Barry & Hafan

Rachael Evans.jpg

Rachael Evans

Teacher in Charge




Through a thematic curriculum we offer a wide range of cross-curricular learning experiences across the 6 areas of learning in line with the New Curriculum:  

  • Language and Communication 

  • Mathematics and Numeracy 

  • Humanities  

  • Expressive Arts 

  • Science and Technology  

  • Health and Wellbeing 


At Hafan, alongside learning, we develop bespoke programmes for the pupils so any interventions are targeted appropriately.​ We use Motional to assess the pupils on entry. We then use these activities to form the basis of daily activities.​ Throughout each day, the pupils also have the opportunity to develop play and social interaction skills.

Teacher's Responsible for Areas of Learning and Experience Across all Primary Provisions 

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