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Digital Learning

Our Digital Vision and Ambition

At Ysgol y Deri we will thrive to deliver equality of access and provision for all learners supporting excellence and high achievement in a creative, exciting, and technologically rich environment, delivering success, valuing diversity, raising self-esteem, and promoting lifelong learning skills and attitudes. We are a school that caters for a wide and diverse range of differently able pupils which provides us with an exciting opportunity to explore, develop and implement a wide range of digital learning opportunities for our pupils. Digital technology has powerful implications for learning, it opens opportunities to simplify existing tasks while revolutionising others. We will provide all learners with regular opportunities to develop as capable, ambitious and responsible digital citizens who will flourish in an ever changing digital landscape.

Digital Curriculum

At Ysgol y Deri the ‘Digital Competence Framework (DCF)’ is embedded in teachers planning across the school. Our Primary department and KS3 work on a 4 year cycle thematic approach where each theme will focus on an individual strand from the DCF and our KS4 and post-16 learners complete qualification work that requires pupils to learn and use their digital skills to achieve their qualification. 

The teachers at Ysgol y Deri are confident in using ICT to plan and deliver lessons for our learners using a range of technology that’s appropriate for the learners needs. The pupils at Ysgol y Deri have access to a range of technologies and online learning platforms to support their digital learning across all areas of learning and to provide accessibility for all pupils. We pride ourselves on providing opportunities for all at Ysgol y Deri and our assistive technology leader works with a number of other professionals, such as teachers, SALT and physiotherapy, to identify pupils that require the use of assistive technology such as the use of switches to allow them to access the curriculum. A number of pupils at Ysgol y Deri have been identified as requiring personalised communication devices that are maintained by our assistive technology leader and speech and language therapists.

Information about some of the software/hardware that are used at YYD

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