School years 10 & 11 

Head of Department - Rebecca Helmore 

The classes in Key Stage 4 are led by a teacher and supported by an HLTA and LSAs who know our learners well. As our learners transition into KS4 they are encouraged to be more responsible for their learning, and planning for their futures. We prepare them for the transitions they will likely encounter into new settings after they leave school.

KS4 follow a differentiated pathway based on the Curriculum for Wales which allows them to be ambitious and capable learners, enterprising and creative, ethically informed citizens and healthy and confident. This is alongside helping them to realise their potential to live fulfilled lives whatever their abilities. Each pathway – Teal, Orange and Purple consists of accredited and recognised courses from the WJEC in the core skills of literacy, numeracy, science, and ICT, complemented by a wider curriculum in communication, personal and social development, work related education, enterprise, citizenship, and independent living. Through overarching yearly themes of The Environment and Innovation they are taught thematically each term completing relevant qualifications, from pre entry to GCSE, which enable them to adapt and transfer their sills across different subject areas and into the wider world.

As part of their personal progression and building independence the pupils are encouraged to make choices and decisions about their own learning. For one day a week learners choose to join another group, following a subject of their choosing. These include Design Technology, Art, Music, Film and Media, Catering, Animal Care, Hair and Beauty Humanities, Fashion and Textiles and many more.

These courses often have a vocational focus to help students understand the world of work whilst others offer the opportunity to complete GCSE’s.

There are several work experience opportunities during their time in Ysgol y Deri and these will begin in KS4. Our very own coffee shop and catering kitchen offer a range of opportunities to develop their skills in catering and public interface whilst the familiar setting and structured support allows them to progress and hone their skills, both kitchen and catering based and from a communication and social skills perspective in a pressure free environment.

PE is a statutory subject and our aim in KS4 to allow pupils to experience a range of physical activities and experiences. These range from cycling, climbing, and using the gym to athletics, tennis, and trampolining. One afternoon a week is dedicated to the pupils completing physical education, amply supported by our in-house Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy teams. We are also fortunate to have the input of Disability Sport, specialist coaches and outside agencies who come in and support.

We are fortunate to have access to many fantastic specialist and adapted resources which are used to provide a varied and engaging curriculum for our sensory learners. We have a complete suite of sensory rooms, hydrotherapy pool, UV studio, Touch Therapy, VR room, music therapy, aromatherapy and Holodeck alongside other sensory interventions and are supported by dedicated teams striving to create the best learning opportunities for them. We have recently introduced MOVE which is an activity based practice which works alongside education, home and therapy to enable disabled young people to gain independent movement.

As a department our moto is adapt, improvise, and overcome. We strive to provide authentic learning experiences which are imaginative and engaging. Utilising the amazing technology and facilities available to us to provide the best pupil-centred education to all our pupils, maximising their potential, whatever that may be.