Here at Ysgol Y Deri, we believe that literacy is crucial for pupils’ personal and social development, and to enable them to access all areas of learning. We work to ensure that all pupils have access to the teaching and learning resources they need to enable them to realise their full potential

Technology plays a key role in developing our learners’ literacy skills. We use state of the art resources, like our Immersive Technology room (Holodeck), and our TV and Radio Studios. Our Assistive Technology Department provides outstanding support to learners with sensory and physical impairments, for example, Eye Gaze technology.

The Welsh Government’s National Literacy and Numeracy Framework (LNF) sets out the national priorities for raising standards. At Ysgol Y Deri, all pupils up to and including Key Stage 3 are taught literacy throughout the curriculum, using a thematic, topic-based approach to learning. Once pupils reach Key Stage 4 they start a range of accredited courses. These courses enable them to continue to develop their literacy skills and to use them in everyday situations.

We continue to develop pupils’ literacy skills throughout their school careers, using a wide range of resources and interventions. These include:


  • A well-stocked, attractive and comfortable library.

  • A huge collection of story sacks for our younger and lower ability readers.

  • Reading interventions delivered by specialist reading co-ordinators: Uffculme to develop visual discrimination skills, and SPARKS – our own bespoke programme of phonics and letters.

  • A huge collection of levelled reading books.

  • Daily class reading sessions.

  • Regular testing.

  • Engaging online and iPad reading and writing programmes.

  • A central bank of literacy resources.

  • Pupils with writing difficulties supported by our Occupational Health team.

  • Emergent writers engaged through Write Dance.

  • A school team who are committed to developing pupils’ literacy skills throughout their school career and beyond.