Numeracy (everyday maths) is a skill that we all need to use throughout our lives so that we are able to function effectively in everyday situations. Here at YYD, we aim to ensure that all pupils have the opportunity to achieve their potential in numeracy. To do this we will make sure that numeracy is embedded throughout the whole curriculum and for all ages.

The Welsh Government has made numeracy a high priority in schools and are working to raise standards nationally. In order to achieve this, we will ensure that all pupils, up to and including KS3, will be taught numeracy throughout all curriculum areas. For our 14-19 provision, pupils will learn through a range of accredited qualifications to suit all needs and abilities.

We will make sure that all pupils have the opportunity to apply their skills in a wide range of situations, thus preparing them for whatever life may throw at them! Teaching this way will also enable numeracy to become more enjoyable for our pupils, which will, in turn, raise pupils’ engagement and motivation. We will deliver a range of programmes and interventions to ensure that the numeracy curriculum is accessible, stimulating and challenging to all pupils.