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Technological Products

Digital Learning

At Ysgol y Deri we will thrive to deliver equality of access and provision for all learners supporting excellence and high achievement in a creative, exciting, and technologically rich environment, delivering success, valuing diversity, raising self-esteem, and promoting lifelong learning skills and attitudes. We are a school that caters for a wide and diverse range of differently able pupils which provides us with an exciting opportunity to explore, develop and implement a wide range of digital learning opportunities for our pupils. Digital technology has powerful implications for learning, it opens opportunities to simplify existing tasks while revolutionising others. We will provide all learners with regular opportunities to develop as capable, ambitious and responsible digital citizens who will flourish in an ever changing digital landscape.

Online Safety

Online safety is of paramount importance in special education needs (SEN) schools, where students may have unique vulnerabilities and require additional support. At YYD we place a strong emphasis on educating both students and staff about safe online practices. As part of the curriculum learners are provided with developmentally-appropriate lessons on a number of aspects related to online safety. As a school we have a robust filtering and monitoring systems to safeguard all our learners from potentially harmful content and interactions. By fostering a secure online environment, YYD can empower our learners to explore the vast resources of the internet while minimizing potential risks and allowing for a more inclusive and enriching educational experience.

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