Reception to Year 6 

Acting Head of Department - Beth Lye 

The Primary Department at Ysgol Y Deri is in an educational setting boasting state of the art technology, incredible outdoor learning environments and therapeutic, sensory facilities which provides the foundations for high-quality education services enabling all children to reach their true potential.

In the Primary department, we work closely with the Early Intervention Base, subject area leaders, and Key Stage 3 department to ensure consistent teaching and learning approaches, and smooth transitions between Key Stages.


The curriculum is taught through an exciting and varied thematic approach, encouraging cross-curricular and team-teaching approaches which have the Literacy and Numeracy Framework ethos embedded throughout. Teachers use a combination of Routes for Learning and the Foundation Phase to provide a curriculum designed to meet the individual needs of the learners. Interventions and inclusion play a large part of the Primary school day, children participate in Beach and Forest schools, Launchpad, Surfing, Touch Therapy, Play Therapy and many more. We also have the use of fantastic in-house facilities including the Hydrotherapy pool, UV and Sensory rooms, Sensory Integration room, Soft Play, Rebound, and Trampolining.

Classes in Primary have between six to ten children, one teacher, and two or three support staff. Each class has an outdoor learning environment which allows children to access year-round outdoor learning. At Ysgol Y Deri we pride ourselves in working as a multi-disciplinary team of professionals. We are fortunate to have an onsite team of occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, music therapists, visually impaired support, and health professionals, which allows us to best meet a child’s needs and ensures the best possible outcomes for pupils. Staff in Primary are committed to providing experiential and kinesthetic learning opportunities through well planned purposeful activities with clear learning objectives that are child centred and differentiated to harness interest and encourage pupil motivation in addition to and promoting learning through play. Activities are planned to promote thinking skills, metacognition and self-evaluation processes allowing the child to participate in developing and determining the next steps of their education.