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Play and Creative Arts Therapy

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“Play is the most natural method of self-healing that childhood affords”.

                                                                                                    Erik Erickson

What is it?

Play and Creative Arts Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses an integrative holistic model validated by Play Therapy UK’s (PTUK) evidence base. It integrates the therapeutic use of a wide range of creative arts media working with unconscious and conscious processes, using both nondirective and directive approaches and integrating research with practice.


Play and Creative Arts Therapy builds on the natural communicative and learning processes of children and young people (CYP), who may not have the words to express how they feel or why they behave a certain way. Through play and creative arts, CYP can explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a dynamic way, without having to use words to articulate themselves.


How can it help?

Play and Creative Arts Therapy can support CYP who are experiencing emotional dysregulation and internalising or externaising behaviours that could negatively impact their development, mental wellbeing, and education.


Sessions are held in a confidential, therapeutic, safe space where trained therapists use a consistent non-judgmental, accepting approach to enable a trusting therapeutic relationship to be built.


Through the safety of play and creative arts, CYP can work through traumatic experiences to help them make sense of their past and support the development of healthy and resilient relationships for their future. They can learn more adaptive behaviours and redirect their feelings and emotions, providing insight and resolution to their inner conflicts.


Working CYP led, meeting them at their development stage, and with the safety and distance in combinations of creative arts, play and metaphor helps CYP to feel empowered and navigate their complex pathway at their own pace and protects their emotional safety. The therapeutic space and relationship built within these sessions aims to create the environment for self-discovery and growth.


All Play and Creative Art Therapists are registered with Play Therapy UK (PTUK) who are accredited by the Professionals Standards Authority (PSA).

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