Opening Times - Weekdays 7am - 3.30pm


In the Ysgol Y Deri café, we provide regular work experience for pupils in the 14 - 19 department.  It was planned, designed and built to enrich the learning experience of the pupils at the school.

The café teaches student valuable and transferable life skills that will help towards their independence.  The café is open every day at school and is open to students, staff, and visitors to the school.

Crucially students work in a real-life situation, learning health and safety skills, food technology skills, hygiene awareness, working under instruction, handling money and dealing with customers and following instructions in a workplace just as they would in any café elsewhere.

Gardening plots in the second build phase will be used to grow produce that can be used within the training kitchen area.

All pupils from the school have the ability to visit the coffee shop as customers.  This serves a number of different purposes; to teach pupil's to behave in social environments, how to place orders and manage budgets.