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Touch Therapy

Touch Therapy is a pioneering creative movement programme for individuals with learning disabilities. Dilys Price OBE, an art of movement and dance specialist, founded Touch Trust in 1996.

We are very fortunate to have a well-trained and enthusiastic team of staff at Ysgol Y Deri who are committed to delivering high quality sessions for pupils who require it. It is a true reflection of this hard work and dedication that we have been awarded Centre of Excellence in Touch Therapy status.

Sessions take place in our designated Touch Therapy room, which has an integrated sound and light system that enhances the experience for all who take part.

At YYD Touch Therapy gives pupils opportunities for relaxation, positive communication, empathy and wellbeing and uses all the senses to establish a sense of worth and enjoyment. It also develops the skills of observation, assessment and adaptation in staff.

Each session covers the following areas:

All of this is done through a holistic sensory programme, carefully constructed on the one hand, but always with the Touch Trust mantra "where they are is right."

  • Physical development - rolling, balancing, grasping, looking, hearing, making sounds, body awareness, body image, body actions, and focus.

  • Emotional development – being praised, communicating, relaxing, expressing, enjoying, and making choices

  • Social development - recognising another, recognising being part of a group, communicating, connecting, taking part, taking turns, and being appreciated.

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